Headstrap Replacement for Oculus™ Quest 2

  • Ergonomic adjustable strap
  • Improves wearability of the headset and increases comfort
  • Replaces the stock head strap

Versatile in its design, our Headstrap Replacement can be adjusted in various ways to give you the best Oculus Quest 2 experience ever.

You can tighten or loosen the strap at the top, sides and back to get a good fit and spread the weight of the headset.

It helps ease pressure on the face, making longer VR sessions more comfortable and enjoyable.

It also creates a better grip all around, keeping your headset stable and enhancing the quality of your gameplay.

The set includes:
1 X T-strap
1 X Short strap
1 X Long strap*

*The long strap accommodates larger sizes.

The dimensions and other product details are available on our Support Page.

For order processing and delivery timescales, please refer to our Shipping Page.

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