VR Cover for HP Reverb G2

  • Moisture-absorbing, hygienic cover for HP Reverb G2
  • Protects the foam from excess sweat, stains and dirt
  • Machine-washable solution designed for repeated use
  • Made of super-soft 100% cotton to enhance comfort
  • Includes 2 attachable and interchangeable covers per set

The VR Cover for HP Reverb G2 keeps excess sweat off the original foam by serving as an absorbent layer between you and the device.

Effective at capturing moisture, the 100% cotton cover makes fitness workouts and fast-paced VR games feel much more comfortable.

It also acts as a soft shield against direct contact and minimizes wear and tear to help the foam stay in good shape for longer.

For easy attachment, the covers come with elastic straps and a hook to fasten them to the face mask. 

The hygienic solution is highly recommended for intensive sessions. With 2 machine-washable covers in each set, you can interchange them and have a fresh, clean headset to use every time.

The set includes:
2 X VR Cover

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